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10 April 2018

The future of 5G mobile networks: support and development

So far in our assessment of the world of 5G mobile networking, we have explored the current state of 5G standards and their impact on the market landscape and discussed some of the challenges and barriers to effective roll-out. In the second half of this in-depth look at 5G, we will explore some of the innovation taking place around the 5G ecosystem, assess the UK government’s stance on 5G leadership and ask what it could be doing better to support the industry, and find out what to expect at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, which begins at the end of February. With extensive work in progress at the Universities of Bristol and Surrey, and Kings College London (KCL), the UK has the research and development (R&D) side of 5G well covered, but according to Dritan Kaleshi, lead technologist and 5G fellow at the Digital Catapult, there is still a need “for coordinated innovation in the UK to realise impact on the economic growth of the UK”. At a recent Westminster eForum event on 5G, Kaleshi said there is a need for an ...

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