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4 July 2023

CDO interview: Mary O’Callaghan, director of technology engagement, British Heart Foundation

Mary O’Callaghan is a charity sector pioneer. As director of technology engagement at the British Heart Foundation (BHF), she helps the organisation embrace data-led business transformation through what she describes as a new kind of digital leadership role. O’Callaghan manages three teams: business relationship managers who interface with different parts of the charity; training and learning specialists who provide technology-based education; and data and analytics experts who help the business use its information. She’s been in her current position for three years. While she holds a relatively unique leadership position for a charitable organisation, O’Callaghan says business relationship management is a growing discipline. Directors of technology engagement like herself tend to focus on building internal connections and external partnerships. “I’m like a bridge between technology and the rest of the organisation,” she says. “I make sure we’ve got a team of people who translate the benefits of digital and data. I’ve started ...

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