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November 2018-January 2019

Regulations might prove make-or-break aspect for Dutch scooter startups

In Silicon Valley, rental scooters are already the next big thing. Startups like Bird and Line recently received massive venture capital, with some industry analysts already whispering fabled terms like “tech unicorns”. The scooters are an easy, flexible and environmentally friendly way of getting around town. The concept is perfect for the Netherlands, a country so flat and dense that bicycles are already the most widely used method of transportation. Bicycles have parallels with scooters, having the same maneuverability and a low price, so it’s no wonder entrepreneurs see the potential to apply the latest smart technologies to the concept in the Netherlands. Earlier this summer, rumours surfaced that Bird was looking into penetrating the Dutch market. Several people spotted Bird scooters on the streets in Amsterdam and assumed the scooter giant was planning a Dutch launch, but so far Bird hasn’t confirmed the story. On the other hand, the company did hire a country manager for the Netherlands. In Belgium, scooters are already ...

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