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October-December 2018

Middle East hungry for digitisation, says GE’s Bill Ruh

The Middle East is one of the most enthusiastic regions about GE’s new digital business model, according to the man heading up GE Digital. Around five years ago, former GE CEO Jeff Immelt took the decision to move the company into the digital age. This involved building intelligence into its products and creating a service-based business model. Today, the man charged with steering this vast digitisation endeavour is Bill Ruh, CEO of GE Digital and GE’s chief digital officer (CDO). Since 2015, when the GE Digital business unit was formed, one of Ruh’s goals has been to link the products sold through its international business units to GE’s Predix power services that use predictive data analytics. In an interview with Computer Weekly, Ruh describes the Middle East region as one of the most enthusiastic customers of GE’s digitally powered offerings. “It’s one of the reasons the Middle East is the territory I’ve visited most this year. I’ve been three times already,” he says. Ruh has noticed a hunger for efficiency and productivity ...

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