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January-March 2019

How to build SME storage using public cloud storage

The technology needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are less demanding than those of large enterprises, but important nonetheless. And key among these is storage. In the past, this often meant scaled-down versions of the storage used by enterprises, but now we live in an era when cloud storage is an increasingly viable option. This is particularly relevant to SMEs, which lack the IT department resources of larger organisations. There are a variety of ways in which SMEs can adopt cloud storage. Using the cloud puts budget to operational expenditure and can significantly reduce the capital cost of buying and maintaining storage hardware. The question for SMEs is where those benefits can best be applied. Public cloud works well with secondary data, like backups. Also, file storage for home directories and shared data can be a good cloud storage use case, although security needs some thought and planning. Traditional core applications, such as databases and enterprise resource planning, are probably the most difficult ...

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