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3 July 2020

Royal Holloway: An enhanced approach for USB security management

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USB flash drives and other USB-connected data storage devices offer a simple way of making data more portable and more easily transferrable. However, their use presents security risks that must be addressed. Apart from increasing the risk of data theft, they have often been used to transfer malware, sometimes with disastrous results. Tracing flash drive-assisted data theft or malware to the culprit can pose a challenge to cyber security professionals and managers, but the problem can be addressed with the aid of a novel USB monitoring system. This article outlines such a strategy, identifies what security attributes such a system must have, and compares the new strategy with established methods.

Table Of Contents

  • The risk: Misery, ruin, and disaster from a USB device.
  • Current ways to address the USB threat: Methods and shortcomings.
  • Using pre-whitelisted USB flash drives only.
  • What USB security systems should cover.
  • A novel alternative that combines efficacy with cost efficiency.

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