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February 2018

Jargon Buster Guide to Artificial Intelligence

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Where once stood Big Data and Data Science, now stands Artificial Intelligence and its younger sibling, Machine Learning. AI is red hot. And stuffed with jargon. This e-guide will take a step back and throw the trend into relief. Whether you are an IT or business professional looking to see what commercial or other benefit you can secure for your organisation, or an entrepreneur looking to launch an AI-fuelled start up, there is some clarity of mind to be had from this Jargon Buster.

Table Of Contents

  • Definitions: AI, Machine learning and Software robotics
  • Demystifying machine learning: How do machines really learn?
  • CIOs should lean on AI 'giants' for machine learning strategy
  • How AI will underpin cyber security in the next few years
  • How machine learning is applied in industrial IoT
  • How to do AI if you are not Google
  • How AI can aid, not replace, humans in recruitment

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