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April 2020

Human-like AI quest drives general AI development efforts

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While AI technologies can do things humans can't, they're currently limited to specific and straightforward tasks -- a state known as narrow AI. A big goal -- or holy grail -- for developers is to create human-like AI tools that think the way people do. This guide compiles stories on the push toward human-like AI and the challenges that AI vendors and users must overcome.

Table Of Contents

  • Common sense AI approaches point to more general applications
  • Artificial intelligence creativity tools mimic human ability
  • More curiosity could help narrow AI tools handle broader uses
  • New deep learning techniques take center stage
  • Researchers race for quantum AI as quantum computing advances
  • Augmented intelligence: The clearest path to focused AI?
  • Limits of AI today push general-purpose tools to the horizon
  • Humans and AI tools go hand in hand in analytics applications
  • Panel: What we call AI today doesn't live up to hype

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