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February 2020

A Computer Weekly buyer’s guide to edge computing

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Edge computing is currently one of the most important trends in IT. Some claim it could replace cloud, but it is more likely to complement cloud by supporting workloads that are latency sensitive, require a lot of compute power, or involve such large data volumes that sending everything back to the cloud is impractical. In this 15-page buyer’s guide, Computer Weekly looks at the potential of harnessing compute power at the edge.

Table Of Contents

  • Life on the edge – a new world for data: Edge computing is regarded as the next frontier for data, with rapid growth expected in the market – we assess the prospects.
  • Computing at the edge: One of the most important current trends in IT, some claim edge computing could replace cloud, but it is more likely the two will complement one another.
  • Industrial edge requires a focus on machines: After the office edge and the mobile edge comes the industrial edge. We look at a shift in computing paradigms.

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