• December 02, 2007 02 Dec'07

    Confused about unified communications?

    Can you define unified communications, or are you still trying to find a common vendor definition? Gary Audin sheds some light on the vendor meaning of UC.  Continue Reading

  • December 02, 2007 02 Dec'07

    Something Wicked This Way Comes

    Back in 1999 I predicted that the “Electronic Pearl Harbour” would probably not happen until around 2006. That prediction, which led some elements of the computer media to accuse me of being a ...  Continue Reading

  • December 02, 2007 02 Dec'07

    Travel Tales

    It's been a busy few weeks with lots of travel. I'm already an old hand at negotiating the ridiculous security countrols at Heathow but lately I've gotten it down to a fine art - laptop out of the ...  Continue Reading

  • December 02, 2007 02 Dec'07

    Operation Bot Roast II

    The FBI are continuing their fight against the botnets. They have announced the second phase of Operation Bot Roast together with good news about successful indictments against a number of online ...  Continue Reading