Regaining data from broken RAID-0+1array

Backup expert Curtis Preston discusses the possibility of regaining data from broken RAID-0+1array.

Is it possible to regain the data from the striped set on a RAID-0+1 array when all the arrays have been broken?
I'm not sure what you mean by "broken." If you just mean that they have been disassembled, then yes. All you have to do is import the array in the same way it was built in the first place.

If you're saying that you've lost disks on both sides of the mirror, then no. By the way, next time try RAID-1+0 instead of 0+1. It's striping of mirrored disks instead of mirroring of striped disks. You can withstand more drive losses with 1+0 than with 0+1.

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