Can Hadoop tools ease the brain pain?

Hadoop tools vendors stress that they can help you to make your data and reporting issues vanish. Know how true this claim is.

Q: Of late, many vendors have started sporting Hadoop tools. Some of them include Pentaho, Actuate, Tableau, EMC, SAS, Jaspersoft and recently Birst. Many of these vendors claim that they can reduce the brain pain of using Hadoop for user-companies lacking IT functionality. How true or false is this claim?


A: Hadoop is written in Java programming language and uses distributed computing paradigm as a platform. So till recently, its adoption was limited to companies with technical expertise in these areas: Java and distributed computing. Other organizations sat on the fence, unsure of how they could use Hadoop in their business.

But with the advent of BI tools supporting Hadoop as a data source using Hive, something that vendors like Oracle, Teradata, etc. currently do, it’s become easier to adopt Hadoop today than before. Today’s Hadoop-aware BI tools use Hive ODBC driver which enables BI tools to use their existing capabilities of analytics and slice-dice features and make the whole experience seamless. Such ‘Hadoop tools’ mask the complexity of the distributed system of Hadoop and allow the user organization to focus on its business strategies and the outcomes of data analytics. These tools are put in action to help companies solve the ‘big data’ challenge and to improve their bottom lines using data analytics.


Compiled by Sharon D’souza

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