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Read all the news, analysis, opinion and in-depth features about the way IT is being used by businesses in the industry sector where you work. You can also find out how other companies are achieving benefits from their use of IT with case studies and reports on how private and public sector organisations are implementing technology. More about Industry


IT hardware is developing all the time, with more features and functions offered in PCs, servers, storage and networking to support your IT infrastructure. From the datacentre to mobile phones, and the chips and processors that power modern technology, we examine the latest trends and technologies that matter to IT managers. More about Hardware

Enterprise software

Enterprise software covers a wide range of vital IT management decisions, from operating systems to databases, from business applications to integration and middleware. Your software purchasing and development strategy is central to delivering successful IT systems, and we examine the products and trends that help IT managers make the right choices for their organisation. More about Enterprise software

IT services

Most organisation have outsourced some or all of their IT functions, often using offshore providers, and the use of outsourcing and IT services is commonplace. With the advent of cloud computing, other options are available such as managed services and hosting, making it ever more important that IT managers make the right strategic choices. We follow the latest trends and best practice in IT services and outsouring. More about IT services

IT security

IT security is one of the most critical aspects of IT strategy, with the threat of cyber attacks increasing and becoming ever more sophisticated. Tools such as antivirus and IAM help to protect against malware, but hackers are finding new ways to compromise information security, and IT managers need to have effective policies to cover risk management, data protection and business continuity too. We examine the latest technologies for protecting your organisation. More about IT security


Networking and communication lies at the heart of successful IT delivery. It can be a complex area, with rapdily changing technologies covering LANs, WANS, voice, wireless, mobile and broadband, and product groups such as routers, switches, Ethernet and IP networks. We cover the latest developments in this broad and fast-moving field. More about Networking


Mobile technology has become a critical part of IT strategy, and as mobile devices become more ubiquitous and more powerful, they open up innovative new ways to deliver business benefits. Flexible and remote working is being demanded by employees, and IT managers need to understand the mobile software, apps, operating systems and technology available to meet those needs. We look at the latest developments in mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops and notebooks to help you choose the right products for your organisation. More about Mobile


Internet technology has transformed businesses and public services, and as a result has also revolutionised the IT department. Web trends such as e-commerce, social media, Web 2.0 and cloud computing are essential elements of any successful IT strategy. We follow the latest developments and help IT managers choose the right products for their organisation. More about Internet

IT management

IT management is rightly seen as a core element of any successful organisation, and IT leaders need to continually develop their leadership, business and personal skills. IT managers are responsible for strategy, governance, project and supplier management, enterprise architecture, operations and innovation - a long list of essential tasks for IT leadership. By talking to the leading IT managers, CIOs and experts, we help you develop the knowledge and skills for effective IT management. More about IT management

IT skills

IT professionals increasingly need to take responsibility for ensuring that their IT skills are kept up-to-date, and for pursuing opportunities that will develop their IT careers. We examine the issues around career development at all stages of an IT professional's working life, from education through to training and recruitment. More about IT skills


Deciding where and how to build a new data centre is one of the most important decisions your organisation will have to make. This section covers important data centre management topics, including how to build a solid data centre infrastructure, including selecting the right location to build your new facility, best practices for data centre design, plus data centre cooling and air flow techniques. Learn about green IT, data management systems, servers and operating systems with the data centre news and resources in this section. More about Datacentre

Information Management

Find out what you need to know about key topics like data management, big data, business analytics and business intelligence. Learn about business process and content management and how to develop a comprehensive information management strategy for your organisation. More about Information Management


Learn about important storage management topics in this section, including data storage compliance, data archiving, remote and offsite data storage, storage virtualisation and cloud storage. Find out why it's crucial to have the right data management tools and use our expert advice and evaluation resources.

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IT in Europe and Middle East

Read the latest European and Middle East information technology (IT) news and articles covering IT management topics, including information security, data storage, networking, data centre, cloud computing, mobile applications, virtualisation, big data and more. More about IT in Europe and Middle East

IT in Asia-Pacific

Read the latest Asia-Pacific information technology (IT) news and articles for the ASEAN and Australia / New Zealand regions, covering IT management topics, including information security, data storage, networking, data centre, cloud computing, mobile applications, virtualisation, big data and more. More about IT in Asia-Pacific