Wireless network security made easy - from "The Book of PF"

How to get wireless networks running and some options for making your wireless network more secure, including encryption for IEEE 802.11 wireless networks.

This chapter from The Book of PF: A No-Nonsense Guide to the OpenBSD Firewall covers the basics of getting a wireless network up and running and some of the options for making your wireless network more interesting and more secure. It discusses the various encryption methods used for securing IEEE 802.11 wireless networks and how wireless networks are secured specifically using PF, the open source firewall that is part of OpenBSD.

About the book: OpenBSD's stateful packet filter, PF, offers an amazing feature set and support across the major BSD platforms. Like with most firewall software, though, unlocking PF's full potential takes a good teacher. Peter N.M. Hansteen's PF website and conference tutorials have helped thousands of users build the networks they need using PF. The Book of PF is the product of Hansteen's knowledge and experience, teaching good practices as well as bare facts and software options. Throughout the book, Hansteen emphasises the importance of staying in control by having a written network specification, using macros to make rule sets more readable, and performing rigid testing when loading in new rules.

Today's system administrators face increasing challenges in the quest for network quality, and The Book of PF can help by demystifying the tools of modern *BSD network defense.

Read the rest of the excerpt in this PDF: Wireless network security made easy

Excerpted from The Book of PF by Peter N.M. Hansteen (ISBN: 13 978-1-59327-165-7).

Copyright © 2007, No Starch Press. All rights reserved.



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