RSA Conference 2007: Special news coverage

Check out news, interviews, product announcements, podcasts and more live from the RSA Conference 2007 in San Francisco.


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San Francisco
Feb. 5 -- Feb. 9, 2007

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Coviello: RSA's token business is far from dead
Executive Editor Dennis Fisher talks with RSA Security President Art Coviello about life within EMC and the organization's future, including new competition in the token business.

Microsoft's Fathi: 'Still lots of room for innovation'
Ben Fathi, VP of the Security Technology Unit at Microsoft, speaks to about the security features of Windows Vista and how they may affect third-party vendors.

Cryptography's future
Senior News Writer Bill Brenner asks Dr. Burt Kaliski, vice president of research at RSA Security, about how Symmetric Key Infrastructures (SKI) will affect encryption's future.

Integration migration
In this RSA Conference Q&A, Editorial Director Kelley Damore speaks with CA President John Swainson about how he protects CA from security breaches.

VeriSign touts benefits of Extended Validation SSL Certificates
Chris Babel, VP at VeriSign, offers his take on the benefits of Extended Validation SSL Certificates and the long-term outlook for the authentication market.

WebSense: PortAuthority deal, Web 2.0 apps reflect changing threat landscape
Websense CEO Gene Hodges details the strategy behind his firm's acquisition of PortAuthority and discusses the threat posed by Web 2.0 applications.


Exclusive podcasts from RSA Conference 2007 will be available beginning Tuesday.


Check out news, features and podcasts from's special coverage of RSA Conference 2006.

Keynoters speak volumes
Times have changed, and RSA Conference keynote speakers no longer need cryptography and security backgrounds. This year's headliners include several rock stars of the IT industry, along with some newcomers and a few old veterans.

NAC gains traction
Until recently, the network access control market had been all style and little substance, but at last vendors large and small are proving that NAC may be worth the investment.

Vendor alliance wants PCI certification program
Debuting this week at RSA, the Payment Card Industry Security Vendor Alliance will provide guidance to the industry and hopes to ultimately get a PCI certification program off the ground.

Intrusion detection systems are alive and kicking
IPS hasn't overtaken intrusion detection systems just yet. Senior News Writer Bill Brenner reveals what customers want when they're shopping for IDS products.

Pitfalls aplenty going SOA
A service-oriented architecture's efficiency has often been more of a priority than SOA security. Vendors, however, are compensating with new Web services security features.

Web apps remain a trouble spot
Contributor George Hulme examines how cross-site scripting and code injection have become even bigger development issues than buffer overflows.

Spam, phishing, IM attacks rise
Malicious attacks using social engineering techniques are on the rise. While botnets may finally be forcing ISPs into the battle, enterprise security pros are working overtime on strategies to keep the threats at bay.

Going Wi-Fi? Go safely
Today's security professionals are forced to balance the convenience that wireless technology offers with the need to enforce a solid security policy.

When physical and logical security converge
For an enterprise to protect itself from today's internal and external threats, more companies are considering security programs that integrate both physical and logical security.

Flurry of state disclosure laws creates confusion for CISOs
Now that nearly three dozen states have enacted breach disclosure laws, national companies face the challenge of reconciling a vast array of guidelines and their implications.

CISOs mastering 'softer' skills
Learn why a mix of interpersonal skills have to be blended with knowledge of business administration to create a well-rounded leader.

A new awareness for SIMs
Experts say the use of security information and event management systems can not only give organizations overall visibility into their network security and improve their incident response, but also meet compliance demands.

Developing an application security mind-set
Baking security into applications can be a difficult process, but experts believe developing an application security mind-set can help create more secure software systems.

FFIEC, HSPD-12 fuel growth in authentication market
Enterprises aren't the only ones who have had to deal with regulations like FFIEC and HSPD-12. The vendor community has adjusted by offering cost-effective and unobtrusive authentication products, primarily focused on financial institutions.



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