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July 2005

  • Lenovo to challenge IBM for fastest supercomputer

    Chinese manufacturing giant Lenovo is aiming to build a supercomputer 10 times more powerful than the fastest computer in the world today, IBM’s BlueGene/L.

  • Microsoft prevents former employee from working at Google

    Former Microsoft executive Kai-Fu Lee has been banned temporarily by a judge from doing his new job at Google.

  • Security software contains 'serious bugs'

    Researchers have warned of serious bugs in security software, with flaws detected in ClamAV, Ethereal and Sophos Anti-Virus within days of each other.

  • Record numbers go for gold in BCS IT Professional awards

    A record number of IT professionals are to go forward for the final judging stage of the British Computer Society’s third IT Professional Awards.

  • West Bromwich building society protects against money laundering

    West Bromwich building society has installed STB Systems software to improve security against money laundering and meet Financial Services Authority regulations.

  • ICT Charity Ball is rescheduled

    It is take two for A Night at the Movies, the theme of the grand Intellect ICT Charity Ball, after the original event had to be called off following the terrorist attacks in London on 7 July.

  • Dell offers Exchange Server deal

    Dell has launched a package of hardware, software and support aimed at businesses running Exchange Server 5.5 to help them upgrade before Microsoft ends support for the old software at the end of t...

  • Consolidating ERP systems can save 30% costs

    Consolidating enterprise applications can deliver up to 30% savings on costs, the independent business advisory, Hackett Group reported this week.

  • Securing Windows

    Being in charge of security for Microsoft products is what you may call a demanding job. The old adage of “just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean that they are not out to get you” applies in full.

  • IT management needs to review information access strategies

    Companies need to examine and update their policies and technologies for managing the increasing volumes of secret information.

  • VoIP and IPT are hot tickets for the IT industry

    Voice over IP (VoIP) and IP telephony (IPT) are the hot tickets in the current IT industry. In the space of two weeks in late May and June 2005, two major European trade shows — VON 2005 and VoIP f...

  • How much security is enough?

    There’s nothing like an apparent breach of security at a global company to concentrate the mind when it comes to information and data security.

  • A smart approach to WLAN security

    A smart approach to WLAN security News from research and analysis company Gartner that up until 2006, 70% of successful wireless local area network (WLAN) attacks will be because of the misconfigur...

  • EMEA PC market growth boosted by proliferation of low-priced notebooks in Q2 2005

    For the third quarter running, the EMEA PC market has surpassed expectations, expanding by more than 23% year on year in 2Q05, according to preliminary data released today by IDC's EMEA Quarterly P...

  • Lost at sea: securing the channel

    As attacks seem to proliferate almost unabated, it’s worrying to think that of the three interested parties in the security technology market — the technology makers, the technology sellers and the...

  • Computer Associates cuts jobs as profits rise

    Computer Associates is to axe 800 jobs as part of a restructuring plan.

  • Microsoft Windows Vista beta out now

    Microsoft has released a beta 1 version of Windows Vista, the biggest update so far of its operating system since Windows XP.

  • Cyber blackmailers and adware threaten

    Increases in the number of cyber blackmailers and adware going 'deep' are just some of the highlights in the April-June 2005 Malware report from Alexander Gostev, senior virus analyst, Kaspersky Lab.

  • Growing concern over identity cloning

    Protecting consumer identity and preventing data loss and leakage are the new brand protection priorities facing large organisations today as consumers become increasingly concerned over identity c...

  • Sarbox compliance costing companies

    Companies’ required investments to attain compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley data security legislation has come at the expense of dealing with other security threats, according to the Information S...