September 2000

  • Call to join up visas and IR35

    The Professional Contractors Group (PCG) has called on the Government to "join up" its thinking on IR35 after immigration minister Barbara Roche recognised...

  • Agency aims to beat IT ageism

    A leading IT recruitment specialist is spearheading a campaign to outlaw ageism in recruitment, writes Antony Savvas. It is also calling for the...

  • BCS prompts ministers to scrutinise IT training deal

    Government ministers are rushing to act on a BCS warning that a new scheme to encourage IT training opens the way for suppliers to increase their fees...

  • Bugs on the move: mobile viruses start to bite

    Summer always brings out the bugs and this year was no exception as the first mobile viruses started to bite.

  • Budgens closes Web shop after £1m spend

    Robert Dunt

    Budgens, known for its local food stores, has pulled its online sales service just a year after it began.

    The Web service was...

  • Another false dawn for our Web-centric world

    Jack Schofield


    Yet again, reality is failing to live up to the hype, which for the past five years has been promising a...

  • Australian database brings golden rewards

    Robert Dunt

    Australia's Olympic victories should come as no surprise considering a computer is being used to highlight potential...

  • Ailing Y2K firm thrown a lifeline

    Bill Goodwin

    Greenwich Mean Time, the company that catapulted Y2K guru Karl Feilder to fame, has been rescued from possible closure by...

  • Calling all hackers

    A multi-industry body working to develop a secure framework for the on-line delivery of digital music has called on hackers to help it test technology...

  • Broadvision gets personalised

    Paul Mason.

    Broadvision, the e-commerce software supplier, has launched Market Maker - an application to build e-commerce hubs that combine...

  • Baan wins £5m DARA deal

    Mike Simons

    The Government's Defence Aviation Repair Agency (DARA) has lifted some of the gloom for Baan users by placing a £5m order...

  • Entering the post-Y2K doldrums

    Our biannual survey of IT spend shows that it is firmly back in synch with the GDP index after the Y2K boom. John Riley reports

  • Intel unveils personal client architecture for the 3G sector

    Forget Wintel, it's going to by Symbintel - at least, that was the message from Tokyo as Intel announced its personal client...

  • Is huge IT staff transfer to EDS lawful?

    Tony Collins

    A test case in the European Court of Justice could decide whether the UK Government has awarded some large IT procurement...

  • Hanging up on BT's stranglehold

    The government is bringing out a white paper on telecoms regulation.

  • Hackney launches HackneyConnect site

    One London council has leapfrogged over other sites in order to drive e-commerce and e-government ahead

    Prime Minister Tony Blair's...

  • IT are staff exposed to workplace emissions

    Robert Dunt

    IT staff may be more vulnerable than other office workers to allergies brought on by computer emissions.

    New research...

  • Fattening up the thin

    Provided you are certain that thin-client computing suits your organisation, it can lighten the helpdesk's load substantially,...

  • Forum for the new media woman

    In creating a dynamic networking forum, Stuart Wilson of One Bad Monkey proves he's the business

  • Just 37 get security cert

    Bill Goodwin

    Only 37 UK organisations have been awarded a certificate for the government-backed security standard, more than two years...