June 2000

  • Collaboration made simple

    Since the introduction of web-based tools that allow managers, workers and partners to exchange ideas and collaborate on...

  • Government to ease RIP Bill powers

    David Bicknell

    The Government has begun a climbdown over the controversial Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIP) Bill.


  • Cramming B2Be-commerce models

    An intensive crammer course in the various models for doing business-to-business e-commerce awaited delegates at this month's IT...

  • Don't let it pass you by

    Jacqueline de Rojas


    What will you say when your grandchildren ask, "How was Internet advent for you?"

    You could...

  • Tapping law could push work abroad

    David Bicknell

    Encryption specialists battling to overturn the government's proposed Web-tapping legislation are advising companies...

  • E-people need nurturing

    Believe it or not, those teched-out, skilled-up, dotcom whizz kids are after more than just filthy lucre, according to...

  • Elan expands in Edinburgh

    Elan Computing's Edinburgh branch has relocated to larger offices, citing a "dynamic" business strategy and the growth of IT opportunities in e-commerce...

  • Harking back to the Epson HX-20

    Remember the Epson HX-20? Reader Peter Lancashire does.

  • Microsoft denies C# challenge to Java

    Microsoft is focusing its strategy on appeasing the US Department of Justice rather than on serving the needs of corporate users,...

  • Organisations pin hopes on Internet trading

    Although few businesses have an e-business strategy in place, many more anticipate the Internet providing a significant proportion of their revenue in the...

  • Old and new money can find dotcom success

    The old and new economies can work in perfect synergy to find dotcom success, says John Menzies' IT director, Frank Coyle. Julia...

  • More training needed to entice young blood

    Bill Goodwin

    Employers were urged to step up their training efforts as evidence emerged that the number of young people entering the IT...

  • No refuge from RIP Bill for North Sea firm

    Nick Huber

    The offshore Web storage company HavenCo will be subject to the government's controversial Regulation of Investigatory...

  • Now is the time to seek funding

    Ian Mitchell

    City briefing

    The greatest hurdle fledgling technology companies face is winning over enough investors to back...

  • Recruiters lobby over IR35 skills shortages

    Bill Goodwin

    Changes made by the Government to the way self- employed IT workers are taxed could lead to a shortage of contractors with...

  • MS online tools debut

    Cliff Saran

    The first development tools to help users start prototyping online software services in Microsoft's .net strategy will be...

  • Metaframe extends its reach

    Citrix is extending the reach of the Metaframe platform beyond internal client/server systems, writes Caroline Davis.

  • Mix and match ERP systems

    JD Edwards' Freedom to Choose initiative links in rivals' software

  • IT managers sceptical about .net

    Nick Huber

    Microsoft's much-hyped .net strategy is likely to take a generation before business takes notice, IT managers claimed this...

  • Managing the logistics of B2B

    Nigel Billingham has found the road to success with an online marketplace for the transport industry.