David Henderson, Global Media & Entertainment: Concrete approaches to driving diversity in IT

The shortage of technology talent in the UK has reached a chronic stage and the issue is exacerbated by the lack of diversity. As technology-led change is now an essential ingredient to the survival of organisations, what are the actions that IT leaders must take to address the diversity issue? In this video, David Henderson, CIO, Global Media & Entertainment, discusses the 10 initiatives he introduced to improve diversity in his IT department and the results so far.

Henderson has been a CTO, CIO and COO for over 15 years, in media businesses ranging from the Daily Mail newspaper group to the Global Media & Entertainment group where he now looks after operations for the UK's largest commercial radio and second-largest festival operator. He runs an annual technology summer school at the University of Cambridge and has been a long-time diversity in technology campaigner, a mentor at Brunel University and an early signatory of The Tech Talent Charter.

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