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    • Keeping the lights on: Managing datacentre engineers through Covid-19
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  • 11 security audit essentials

    IT security audit tools automate the IT security audit process, making it more efficient and effective. Here are 11 must-have IT security audit tools.

  • A 4G tour in London

    Trefor Davies, chief technology officer at Timico, is on O2's 4G trial in London. How fast is 4G really?

  • InfoSecurity Europe: Odd Bugs

    A selection of photos showing how far exhibitors will go to get people to their stands at InfoSecurity Europe 2012...

  • India Inc's IT priorities in 2012-13 -- E&Y

    Explore India Inc’s top five IT spending priorities of 2012-13. Also view the slideshow of key data points of this Ernst & Young-CIO Klub survey.

  • Infosecurity Europe

    With 300 exhibitors and hundreds of delegates, security is still hot on the IT agenda. Cliff Saran presents the highlights of infosecurity Europe

  • Test drive: SQL Server 2012

    Tim Anderson looks at the enterprise features in Microsoft's latest relational database management server.

  • Transforming IT at HM Revenue & Customs - Phil Pavitt, CIO for HMRC

    HMRC CIO Phil Pavitt talked to the CW500 club about IT transformation. These are his slides with a report of his talk.

  • Everywoman in Technology Awards 2012: Winners

    See all the pictures, including the winners, from the Cisco Everywoman in Technology Awards 2012

  • Sandboxing for secure app development: Adobe Reader’s 'protected view'

    As sandboxing emerges as an answer to legacy codebases with multiple vulnerabilities, we look at the components of Adobe Reader X’s sandbox.

  • India CIO Salary and Career Survey 2012

    Get an insight into the expectations of CIO for 2012 in the India CIO Salary and Career Survey 2012.

  • BI Masterminds, 2012 presents the winners of India’s only independent business intelligence excellence awards, BI Masterminds, 2012.

  • IBM Blue Fusion event at Hursley House

    IBM recently held its Blue Fusion event, at Hursley House. The event took place during National Science and Engineering Week and was held to encourage more than 300 students, aged 14 and 15, to participate in exciting activities based on STEM subjects.

  • Survey roundup: Trends in IT security topics

    Surveys on a variety of IT security topics highlighted key trends in Web application vulnerabilities, cloud computing concerns and the motivations behind attacks.

  • Eight of the best cloud computing tools

    Cloud computing is a growing part of many IT strategies. Computer Weekly has found eight of the best tools available for your company.

  • 10 Wi-Fi security tools for your arsenal

    With Wi-Fi’s growth, security administrators and pen testers alike have their hands full. Here’s a list of essential Wi-Fi security tools to ease the stress.

  • A first look: Windows 8 consumer preview

    Windows 8 is not just an upgrade. It is a complete rework of the Windows OS. Speaking at the launch of the beta last week in Barcelona, Windows chief Steven Sinofsky called it a "generational change"

  • Top 10 smartphones to look out for in 2012

    The rate at which smartphones are being released looks like it won't ease up, this photo story looks at the best phones of the year ahead.

  • Top 10 budget smartphones for SMEs

    This photo story looks at what options IT managers have when equipping their small business with smartphone son a budget. While Blackberry is usually the choice for any business, it’s good to look around at what alternatives offer and whether a BlackBerry is the best choice.

  • The CISO Power List, 2012

    Our CISO Power List for 2012 brings you the who’s who in the Indian information security scene. Join us, as we pay tribute to India’s top 15 CISOs.

  • Deploying a Virtual Datacentre on Claranet

    Claranet has updated its traditional hosting service with a cloud-based virtual datacentre based on Dell Compute, VMware and Cisco.

  • Cloud Expo Europe 2012

    As cloud computing moves higher up the IT professional's agenda, Cloud Expo Europe is becoming increasingly popular. Here are photos from 2012's Expo.

  • A look into the future with Samsung

    Samsung revealed a plethora of new gadgets at CES and ComputerWeekly picked the best to show how they could revolutionise the way you work and play.