Software licensing

  • January 31, 2001 31 Jan'01

    Microsoft gives a Jump start to Java developers

    Following its settlement with Sun over Java licensing earlier this week, Microsoft has given its first indication that it will...

  • November 22, 2000 22 Nov'00

    Mainframe users save on software

    James Rogers

    IBM S/390 users moving to the new z900 mainframe and z/OS stand to make massive savings in software licensing charges,...

  • November 01, 2000 01 Nov'00

    CA adopts subscription

    Mike Simons

    Computer Associates is to drop its existing licensing model in favour of a subscription-based approach.

    The company,...

  • September 20, 2000 20 Sep'00

    EU equal to US onslaught

    IDC European IT forum: Good news on e-commerce but warnings on skills gap and true cost of 3G licences Mike Simons

  • April 26, 2000 26 Apr'00

    UKCMG tackles Ucita

    New US legislation that puts suppliers in a commanding position during software licence disputes will be a hot topic at the UKCMG user group meeting in...

  • April 12, 2000 12 Apr'00

    CA launches profit-based licensing in dotcom push

    Toby Poston

    Computer Associates has decided to tear up its existing licensing strategy in a bid to win more e-business work.


  • March 22, 2000 22 Mar'00

    W2K licensing under scrutiny

    Cliff Saran and Antony Savvas

    Eurim, the parliamentary IT lobbying organisation, will discuss changes to Microsoft's client...