Data centre hardware

  • March 18, 2009 18 Mar'09

    UK server market has collapsed, says IDC

    The UK server market collapsed in the final quarter of 2008 as the recession, foreign exchange translations and the impact of virtualisation contributed...

  • March 17, 2009 17 Mar'09

    Cisco enters server market to remove virtualisation roadblocks

    Networking equipment vendor Cisco has confirmed that it is entering the server business, announcing a roadmap for x86-based blades and a wide-ranging industry partnership centred around Intel, and spanning storage software companies from EMC and ...

  • March 16, 2009 16 Mar'09

    Cisco takes on IBM, HP in the data centre

    Cisco Cisco is claiming its new Unified Computing architecture will save IT departments 20% cheaper on their hardware costs and 30% on IT running costs, compared with traditional systems.

  • March 09, 2009 09 Mar'09

    Straw scraps data sharing clauses in Bill

    The Justice ministry confirmed today that Jack Straw has asked cabinet colleagues to scrap controversial clauses in a bill that permitted wholesale sharing of personal data between government departments

  • March 09, 2009 09 Mar'09

    Virtualisation uptake spurs SMBs to the Cloud

    SMBs rethinking and overhauling IT infrastructure and client systems in order to achieve greater flexibility, efficiency, and performance

  • March 06, 2009 06 Mar'09

    Sexy View coming to phones near you

    A worm targeting Symbian mobile phones shows mobile botnets may be here soon, says the latest threat report by security firm Fortinet.

  • March 06, 2009 06 Mar'09

    Epson printer has ink pre-loaded

    E pson is piloting an inkjet printer pre-loaded with enough toner to produce 8,500 colour pages. This could remove the need for users to buy...

  • March 06, 2009 06 Mar'09

    APC aligns datacentre management with Microsoft platform

    APC by Schneider Electric, the integrated power and cooling services firm, has announced a software integration initiative that will enable APC's datacentre management suite to be tightly aligned with Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager ...

  • March 05, 2009 05 Mar'09

    The Watchmen: Fact versus fiction

    Rowan Hooper and Sumit Paul-Choudhury look into what is scientifically and technologically possible from the Watchmen universe and what is going to take a bit more work (because nothing is completely impossible).

  • March 04, 2009 04 Mar'09

    Apple updates iMac and rolls out green Mac mini

    Apple has updated its iMac and Mac mini desktop lines, including faster processors and twice the memory for all iMacs.

    The entire iMac line comes with...