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  • March 01, 2000 01 Mar'00

    Comdirect orders bespoke share system

    Guy Campos

    A European online bank has commissioned a bespoke Internet stockbroking system for the UK.

    Comdirect, a subsidiary of...

  • February 23, 2000 23 Feb'00

    MS v Novell over Active Directory

    Matthew Thomas

    Microsoft and Novell are at war over the nature of Active Directory security, a central feature of Windows...

  • February 16, 2000 16 Feb'00

    Visa and Nokia link-up for security

    Caroline Davis

    Secure mobile e-commerce has moved a step closer with Nokia and Visa International announcing details of a new technology...

  • February 09, 2000 09 Feb'00

    NAO report puts software at the heart of Chinook debate

    Tony Collins

    Government auditors will report tomorrow (Friday) that defence staff put into operational service a fleet of Chinook...

  • January 26, 2000 26 Jan'00

    MS slammed on security fix lateness

    Cliff Saran

    A security hole has been found in Microsoft's Internet Information Server Web server software, which allows a would-be...

  • January 26, 2000 26 Jan'00

    Security glitch takes shine off Web

    E-commerce security has been called into question after reports reveal that credit card details have been obtained by hackers

  • January 19, 2000 19 Jan'00

    New software helps Nationwide plan e-commerce

    Lindsay Clark

    The Nationwide Building Society is speeding its move towards e-commerce with the use of an innovative software...

  • January 12, 2000 12 Jan'00

    Encryption experts warn of e-commerce security risk

    Encryption software specialists warn of a potentially serious vulnerability in Web servers, which could raise fears about e-commerce security

  • January 12, 2000 12 Jan'00

    Domino crashes caused by millennium bug

    Matthew Thomas

    Lotus Development has revealed that there is a Y2K related bug in its Domino software that can lead to client software...

  • January 05, 2000 05 Jan'00

    Well what do you know

    Tina Milton

    China is to ban its vast bureaucracy from using Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 2000 software. It will favour a home grown system...

  • January 05, 2000 05 Jan'00

    Government 'must step in on e-security'

    Insurance giant Direct Line has called on the Government to play its part in putting consumers' fears over e-commerce security at rest.

    Despite a string...