Cohere Technologies raises $46m Series D round as it evolves spectrum software

Open RAN spectrum multiplier software provider announces funding round led by new strategic investments and existing investors

Aiming to finalise the commercialisation of its universal spectrum multiplier (USM) open radio access networks (Open RAN) software for 4G, 5G and emerging 6G mobile networks, Cohere Technologies has $46m scooped in Series D investment, led by Koch Investments Group (KSP).

The company claims to have already demonstrated significant performance improvement for 4G Frequency Division Duplex (FDD) and 5G time division duplex for leading mobile operators.

Universal Spectrum Multiplier software can be integrated by network equipment suppliers in the RAN or as an xApp in the Telco Cloud. Cohere’s patented Delay Doppler channel detection method facilitates orthogonal beam management, which is claimed to lead to breakthrough MU-MIMO performance using the same time and frequency resources. The Delay Doppler channel engine is waveform independent, thus facilitating multiple dissimilar waveforms to operate in the same spectrum band.

Koch Strategic Platforms (KSP) is a subsidiary of Koch Investments Group and focuses on growth equity through four thematic sectors: computing and connectivity, industrial automation, energy transformation, and healthcare.

“KSP invests in companies that are transforming industries. We believe Cohere’s disruptive innovation has great platform potential even beyond today’s mobile networks,” said Adam DeWolf, managing director at Koch Strategic Platforms. “This management team has shown it can navigate a very difficult ecosystem and make its mark on the industry.”

In addition to Koch, Cohere gained new strategic investments from VMware, Juniper Networks, Intel Capital and existing investors, including Lightspeed Ventures, NEA and Telstra Ventures.

Remarking on the financing, Cohere Technologies chairman and CEO Ray Dolan said the company was thrilled to have KSP leading the round. “[It is] a terrific partner that truly knows this space and is fully committed to our growth,” he said. “The strategic investors provide strong operational and technology support as we deliver on the full benefits of Open RAN. Together, we will make a fully automated, programmable cellular network a reality, offering global operators the best Capex performance and the most agile network that will naturally evolve beyond today’s 4G/5G capabilities.”

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As it was announcing the new round, Cohere revealed that it had evolved its spectrum software functionalities to deliver up to 2X spectrum performance boost for both 4G and 5G networks simultaneously when spectrum is being shared using its USM service.

Cohere believes that current dynamic spectrum sharing (DSS) approaches penalise 5G mobile performance to accommodate 4G devices. In contrast, its USM is designed to enable mobile operators to share spectrum between 4G and 5G subscribers to double performance, and take full advantage of multi-user, massive MIMO and cloud economics.

“Recent US auctions totalled more than $100bn and underscore the massive value of licensed spectrum, and the opportunity to double the performance of this huge investment can’t be understated,” said Dolan.

“Our software can now support multiple waveforms, including 4G, 5G and in the near future, 6G, and removes barriers to generational co-existence.”

In the first half of 2022, Cohere has committed to conducting customer field trials for 5G FDD and 4G and 5G USM, and will also demonstrate a 6G system using the orthogonal time frequency space (OTFS) waveform, and show 6G and 5G co-existence with OTFS and OFDM waveforms.

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