Grant Thornton uses Huddle for business support programme

Grant Thornton is using Huddle to share information and content as part of the £200m government-backed GrowthAccelerator

Grant Thornton is using Huddle to share information and content between hundreds of geographically dispersed people as part of the £200m government-backed GrowthAccelerator.

The GrowthAccelerator programme, which is part funded by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, aims to help tens of thousands of businesses grow.

Grant Thornton used Huddle's cloud-based collaboration software to create a secure central platform for all parties involved in the public/private scheme to communicate and access the most up-to-date information.

As part of the programme, 250 people are already using the software. Each person can access the latest version of the information they need via the cloud. The software enables security rights to be adjusted for different users.

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Simon Littlewood, head of business growth services at Grant Thornton, said the project needed a single reference point for everyone. 

“Huddle has enabled us to simplify a project that could have potentially been very complicated,” he said. “We needed to make sure communications were consistent across the whole service.”

Due to the success of Huddle in this project, Grant Thornton plans to use Huddle further to reduce the need for emails.

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