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IoT projects need to deliver revenue quickly

Some of those involved with selling IoT expect next year to be busy but warn that customers cannot wait for the technology to deliver revenue

Customers deploying Internet of Things (IoT) projects neither have the time or the budget to be experimental and are looking to the industry to help deliver results quickly.

Despite all the buzz about the growth in the IoT customers in vertical markets are not awash with spare cash to fund the development and roll out of technology.

The industrialised IoT market is starting to gather pace and examples of health, agriculture and manufacturing are emerging as sectors where some projects have been successfully deployed.

"You have to reduce time to revenue and time to market," is the view from Alex Hollingsworth, senior director EMEA sales at Lantronix.

The firm has recently launched its own software platform, Mach10, to make it easier for those OEMs developing IoT solutions.

Customers are calling for suppliers to create a business case and the Lantronix platform should help OEMs create the value to show users.

"We are helping OEMs to build incremental value to disrupt the market and generate incremental revenue," Hollingworth added that more of the industry was coming under pressure to adopt the technology.

"If people don't accelerate IoT efforts they can't afford to sit on the fence anymore," he added.

Altough it remains early days for the traditional reseller channel in regards to IoT there are signs that some specialists are emerging. Lantronix views its role to encourage the development of ecosystems that support those trying to meet customer needs.

"Specialised resellers will evolve around IoT. Many companies try to do it all themselves but find that they can't do it all. There is more and more understanding that to be successful they have to partner," said EE Wang, director of corporate marketing at Lantronix.

Others in the IoT channel have also expressed the view that next year should see more activity in the market.

Earlier this month, David Fearne, technical director at Arrow ECS, said that it was optimistic about what was coming.

"We have seen a lot of interesting conversations about it this year and next year we expect those to turn into opportunities," he added "We are seeing proof of concept put into place in some industries that is using terabytes of data and there is a huge opportunity for Arrow ECS to put into place data solutions to deal with these opportunities."

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