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Arrow ECS braced for IoT growth

If this has been a year of talking then 2018 is expected to be one of action on the IoT front

If this year has largely been about talking and learning about IoT then 2018 is going to be a period of greater action and increased sales.

There have been movements by several vertical markets, including manufacturing, agriculture and health, to get involved with industrialised IoT solutions and some of those projects should come to fruition next year.

"We have seen a lot of interesting conversations about it this year and next year we expect those to turn into opportunities," said David Fearne, technical director at Arrow ECS.

"We are seeing proof of concept put into place in some industries that is using terabytes of data and there is a huge opportunity for Arrow ECS to put into place data solutions to deal with these opportunities," he added.

Back in August Arrow launched its IoT Innovator programme across EMEA as it took steps to make sure partners were more aware of the opportunities in the market.

The distributor has been encouraging partners, ranging from IoT specialists, mid market players and traditional resellers to get involved and it works to bring them together to help create a complete solution.

"We can bring every level of expertise to help our partners deliver accurate and innovative IoT solutions to the market," said Fearne.

As well as bracing itself for a general uptake in the IoT market Arrow is also keeping an eye on the recycling potential IoT will offer.

The firm has a recycling arm and is expecting millions of devices to enter the market that have a lifecycle that is fairly short.

"These devices are going to have a higher refresh rate, a much higher refresh cycle than enterprise IT," said Fearne.

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