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NTT Com preparing for Azure Stack launch

In its position as one of the early adopter partners the views from NTT Com indicate that Azure Stack should make life easier for managed services specialists

NTT Com is preparing for the launch of Microsoft's Azure stack expecting it to make life much easier for those offering managed services.

The channel player has been an early adopter of the Azure stack and been working with Microsoft over the last eight to nine months to gather some proof of concept experience before the technology is officially made available in late September.

So far the conclusions that NTT Com is drawing from the experience is that it is going to be much easier to deploy cloud services to customers.

"Up until now when we went to deploy a private cloud we had to bring a number of technologies from different vendors together, including switches, firewalls and then build it. Our book to build cycle was relatively long," said Oscar Garcia, NTT Com managed services COO.

"Now it means we can buy one piece of integrated kit from Dell, Lenovo or HPE with one part number and we can activate and deploy the solution in much more haste," he added.

The latest quarterly financial results gave Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella a chance to plug Azure Stack and outline how it was developing its cloud story.

"Azure Stack extends Azure to enable developers to build and deploy applications the same way whether they run on the intelligent cloud or at the intelligent edge, so customers can meet any regulatory requirement and bring cloud applications to remote or disconnected locations like cruise ships or oil rigs," he told analysts in a results call.

"The other side of it is the edge, so Azure IOT, our service both in the cloud and the edge and Azure Stack now truly are starting this quarter is going to be another way to extend out the rich services of Azure even beyond public cloud deployment," he added.

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