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Smart home opportunity in its infancy

Research from Gartner indicates that the UK is just at the start of its adoption of smart home technologies

If anyone in the channel was worried that they were missing out on a booming smart home market then they can sleep more easily knowing that the Uk is in its infancy when it comes to connected homes.

Some of the distributors are positioning themselves ready for the uptake of services to control features likes security and heating but according to Gartner things are still at an early stage.

The assessment of the market from the analysts means that the channel still has the time to develop skills and vendor relationships in the smart home area. Gartner estimates that current adoption rates are around the 10% mark,

Gartner took a look at the UK, US and Australia and found that America was ahead in adoption because the concept had been out there longer but there had been some movement here as the technology begins to gain popularity.

The most popular products were home security alarm systems followed by monitoring, energy management and then health and wellness management.

The advice from the analyst house to anyone pitching smart home products was to concentrate on an overall solution to help the user get more from the technology.

"Messaging needs to be focused on the real value proposition that the complete connected home ecosystem provides, encompassing devices, service and experience," said Jessica Ekholm, research director at Gartner.

"The emphasis needs to be on how the connected home can helps solve daily tasks rather than just being a novelty collection of devices and apps," she added.

The other conclusion that Gartner came to was that users not only liked to be able to manage their various smart fuctions through a single dashboard but that brand was also important. More than half saw a value in products being certified.

One of the distributors that has been forging ahead when it comes to the smart home is Exertis and last week it extended its portfolio in that space even further with the addition of Yale.

The channel player will be handling the security vendor's Smart Living range, which includes smart door locks, alarms and CCTV systems.

“Security devices continue to be a key driver for growth in the Smart Technology category and Yale is a trusted brand that complements our market leading range of products. Users have the capability to secure and check their home from anywhere, and the convenience of granting access to known individuals - all via their smartphone and the Yale app," said Rod Slater, head of smart tech and IoT at Exertis.

Tabitha Morton, head of integration for Yale, said that it wanted to work with the likes of Exertis to make sure it could go through a wide number of routes to market and reach, "a wide variety of retailers and installers".

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