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Get ready because generation z is coming

Ricoh has undertaken research into the next generation of workers finding the generation z is going to be even more demanding than their predecessors

If the channel thought that it had already made enough concessions in working practices for the sake of attracting and keeping generation Y happy then they might have to think again with a fresh batch of people heading for the corporate world.
The next bunch of youngsters, known as generation z, who are under 19 but setting their sites on getting a job have very high expectations of what lies ahead in the workplace.
Ricoh has been trying to find out just what generation z expect from employers and the conclusions will make sobering reading for those who have so far resisted the bean bag Google corporate culture.
The wish list from Gen Zers includes a desire for more flexible working and the chance to feel that they are making a difference to the world.

David Mills, CEO of Ricoh Europe, said: “Generation Z has high expectations from their employers – and so they should. Why shouldn’t flexible and remote working truly become the norm? As history dictates, these preferences only grow as the world of work continues to evolve at a rapid rate.
“With Generation Z’s appetite to work collaboratively and remotely, across platforms and borders, adopting new ways of working is a must, not least as a measure to ensure competitive edge and attract the best talent. But having the relevant underpinning processes, the foundations for success, is crucial. From the SMB to the large multi-national, no business can afford to adopt new ways of working without making a genuine commitment to monitoring the strength and relevance of the processes that enable them.”

The danger is that if Gen Zers are not involved then they will start to express frustration around the idea that they would not have information shared with them or given some responsibility.
Not only do the next wave of workers expect a lot but according to the majority of those asked they feel they come with 'exceptional technology skills'.
Phil Keoghan, CEO, Ricoh UK & Ireland, said that the expectations of future workers was largely caused by the evolution of technology and the tools they had grown up using.
“Generation Z has justifiably high expectations from their employers because, as technology evolves, so should their ability to work anywhere using the device most comfortable to them. With new technology underpinning important processes, employees are enabled to work in the way they prefer, building the foundations for success," he said.
"Businesses of all sizes should be exploring opportunities to adopt new ways of working – creating an environment in which employees can flourish," he added.
As well as coming with self proclaimed technology skills the younger generation also feel that they can contribute some good ideas and new ways of thinking to help the business they choose to work for move forward. Some of that determination to be part of the decision making process could cause some friction with management and older workers.
“While tomorrow’s young workers prepare themselves to enter the world of work – helping businesses become more agile and digitally savvy – working environments can often be restrictive. Given their desire for constant innovation, instant communication and open collaboration, Gen Z will pose a big challenge for businesses," Keoghan added.

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