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February 2011

What storage and network convergence really means

This edition of Storage Europe will investigate how users are addressing storage and network convergence in the field, and what their outlook is for the future.

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Features in this issue

  • Idea lab

    Where evolving network concepts come together.

News in this issue

  • Data centre management: The battle for control

    by  Nick Booth

    If data centre networks are becoming more important, why are networking pros losing their say in the battle for data centre management?

  • UK data protection regulations get stricter

    by  Tracey Caldwell

    As UK data protection regulations and data privacy laws and their enforcement becomes tougher, enterprises must learn the intricacies of the Data Protection Act and the E-Privacy Directive, among other laws that affect network security.

  • UK heads for a mobile network operator duopoly

    by  Bryan Betts

    UK mobile network operators are dwindling due to mergers and agreements that stifle competition. Businesses must consider the effect this network consolidation will have on mobile services available to them and the prices they will have to pay.

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