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August-October 2016

CW Benelux: Painting by numbers

In this issue of CW Benelux, we describe how data scientists in the Netherlands have applied technology to art. The Dutch are renowned for being creative with technology and the country has a deep history in art, boasting some of the most celebrated painters. It is therefore apt that the combined tech brains of ING, Microsoft, the Technical University of Delft and other contributors have created The Next Rembrandt, which serves as a visual showcase for big data. The new portrait in the style of Rembrandt van Rijn was put together by a combination of big data technology and 3D printing. All of Rembrandt’s 346 paintings were analysed using data analytics, making it possible to create a seemingly genuine Rembrandt image, while a 3D printer made accurate emulation of his paint patterns and textures a reality. Also in the Netherlands, we feature a case study about how The Hague is solving a bike parking headache with a mobile app.

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