SplunkLive! Singapore

From robust IT operations and dynamic security landscapes to complex business analytics and IoT ecosystems, your growing volume of enterprise machine data holds new insights and answers to drive your business forward. Start or continue your Journey to Data Insight at SplunkLive! Singapore. Join us to discover from Splunk Customers and Technology Partners on how they leveraged / worked with Splunk to collect, analyse and unlock the value of Big Data.

Featured Customer Speakers

  • Suchit Mishra, Head of Information Security, Grab
  • Nguyen Hung Nguyen, Chief Information Officer, NAPAS

Featured Breakout Sessions

  • Delivering New Visibility and Analytics for IT Operations 
  • Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI): Event Management is Dead – Event Analytics is Revolutionizing IT
  • Happy Apps, Happy Users: Using Splunk for Application Monitoring
  • Solve Your Security Challenges with Splunk 
  • Advanced Threat Detection and Investigation with Splunk 
  • Incident Response, Orchestration and Automation 

Featured XperienceLive! Sessions

  • What's new in Splunk 7.1?
  • Analytics-Driven Security - How to Start and Continue the Journey
  • Achieving Actionable Intelligence through Machine Learning
  • Navigating the Digital Transformation Journey with Splunk
  • Providing Real-time Answers to Real-time Security Operations
  • Splunk for Fraud Detection

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