CDAO Deep Dive: Data Governance Online A/NZ

20-23 October, 2020 | Virtual event

Data Governance Online Deep Dive will address the latest in delivering trusted, high quality, secure business ready data in an efficient, unified and timely manner. Covering trust in data quality, reference and master data management, data security, lineage, metadata management, data warehousing, usage, and modern data strategies and approaches. In turn ethical, usage and privacy considerations stemming from the influx of data, ethical dilemmas and C-19 ramifications. Key themes include:

How to Modernise Data Governance & Management to Match Business Objectives 

Making Data Fit for Purpose: Effective data governance through the lenses of risk, privacy, ethics, compliance and digital trust.  

Modern Data Architecture for Maximum Impact! Unifying data sources to gain a single view and supporting machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

Consistent, Transparent and Safe Data Across the Organisation – Promoting the business value of data governance, tracking all data elements and ensuring effective lifecycle management.

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