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April 2016

How to enhance your network for the future

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The world of networking is broad in its scope, and touches on almost every other aspect of enterprise IT. A slow running network is a main concern of businesses, with most believing this means an infrastructure upgrade is needed. But, by assuming new equipment is necessary, businesses could be missing big bottlenecks in the network that are far cheaper to resolve. The virtualisation of network functions is a growing attraction to many telecoms businesses, as this fast-evolving technology will enable businesses to cut costs and provision vital services much faster than before. Finally, the internet of things is a trend that continues to flourish. Although much has been written about connected fridges, the real innovation is around improving peoples’ lives in so-called smart cities – but there are key elements that must be in place before smart cities can take off.

Table Of Contents

  • What’s slowing down your network and how to fix it
  • Why are telcos so readily adopting open standards for NFV?
  • Three steps towards a hierarchy of needs for smart cities

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