Best use of social media (individual) 2011

Social Media Awards 2011

Best use of social media (individual)

In this category we want the most innovative uses of social media and what impact they’ve had. This category is for the best use of social media by an individual. Some examples are that the project could be using social media as a delivery method for a wider marketing campaign or it could be the implementation of social media across the company.

In this part:

South Yorkshire Police - Inspector Forrest

South Yorkshire Police has embraced the use of social media as a way of engaging with the communities of South Yorkshire.

Initially implemented during the Lib Dem Conference in March 2011 the use of social media played an important role in engaging with key nominals involved in protesting and was instrumental in key decisions being made in consultation with protestors. For example the route of the protest march was agreed ahead of the actual Conference. SYP was highlighted as using social media as best practice in book 'Intelligence Management' by Professor Dave Waddington, Hallam University.

Building on the success of the Conference social media now forms an established aspect of planning Police operations and activities. For example football matches, concerts and the recent teachers strikes as well as being adopted by operational members of staff to keep in touch with the communities they serve every day - updating members of the public about local issues in a timely way.
Inspector Jayne Forrest was recently invited to speak at the Blackberry Innovation Forum in London in October where she shared the experiences of SYP and demonstrated how social media is key as a tool to engage with communities responsively and quickly.