Direct sales staff hiring woes give the channel a boost

Getting good direct sales staff is becoming an increasing problem giving the channel a chance to step in and offer an alternative

Direct sales teams are becoming harder to come by and the channel is getting even more of a chance to fill the void left because of recruitment problems.

A lack of experienced candidates and high salaries being demanded by those who do have the skills have put the squeeze on firms trying to build their own sales teams.

As a result more business is being given to indirect partners that have the ability to support the products and services with knowledgeable staff.

Dave Taylor, CMO of partner relationship management specialist Impartner, which carried out research among customers to expose the problems, argued that the current situation is a huge positive for resellers.

“The golden age of the channel has arrived,” he added “In a business climate where qualified enterprise sales candidates are costly and in short supply, companies can’t put all their revenue eggs in the direct sales basket."

ninety percent of the hiring managers that were quizzed by the firm reported problems with recruiting decent sales staff, with just over half revealing the problem had worsened in the last 18 months.

"Why struggle to hire direct sales people in an extremely competitive market that’s stifling your ability to increase revenue, when the indirect sales channel provides an immediate avenue to growth?” he asked.

Taylor added that the channel would have to work harder for those suppliers that already had relationships with indirect partners and those direct only players would have to quickly develop a strategy with distributors and resellers.

The warning is that those that fail to develop or manage a channel properly will be left behind struggling to attract sales staff and missing out on revenue.

The skills issue has cropped up elsewhere with security staff in particular short supply and many firms have reported issues carrying out their digital transformation projects because of a lack of in-house expertise.

Direct sales recruiting issues

The Impartner research discovered there were a few problems that were making it hard for firms to build their own direct sales teams:

* The biggest problem was a lack of candidates with relevant experience

* There were also a shortage of people who understood the company’s offerings

* Then there were the high compensation demands from experienced candidates

* Finally, firms expressed issues with increasing competition from rivals to snare potential recruits before they signed on the dotted line

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