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BlackBerry rolls out crisis communication specialisation

BlackBerry has added another specialisation to the options available to its top partners

BlackBerry has added a channel specialisation for those top-level partners that are keen to provide customers with crisis communications support.

The firm has established itself as a strong security player and has developed a crisis communication offering for those customers that need to get messages out to staff and the public quickly in times of natural disasters, terrorist and cyber attacks.

Ironically there are numerous ways for people to share information but very few of these can claim to be authoriative and social media platforms and chat apps can add to confusion in an emergency if too many voices crowd out the real advice.

The Crisis Communications Specialisation is built on BlackBerry's AtHoc platform, which enables the sharing of information across an organisation, ranging from sharing work and operational details up to vital information about a major incident, and should appeal to partners that work with customers that have critical life-safety requirements.

The vendor will invite partners to sign up for the specialisation and Richard McLeod, ‎global vice president - enterprise software channels at BlackBerry, said that in times of crisis it was vital that messages could get out to people providing information and safety advice.

"When it matters most you need more than just an alterting system," he added "It is about saving lives."

BlackBerry's mobile background is useful in a situation when email is down and there is a need for other means of communicating with people.

He said that as well as selling crisis communication tools some partners would also be in a position to earn extra revenues from integrating other aspects, including sirens, radios and speakers.

Following on from the Workspaces specialisation this is a further move by BlackBerry to provide deeper channel support around a specific market proposition.

"The specialisation programme layers on top of fold and platinum and gives a deep dive with sales and technology," said McLeod.

"Candidates will need strong cloud and security skills and consultative skills," he added "This is an invitation partner programme and is a global programme."

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