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Xerox putting its faith in the channel

Xerox has spent most of this year doing its best to shower the channel with products and support and it is all part of a plan to show a commitment to the indirect model

Xerox has moved strongly this year to embrace the channel launching products specfically to be sold via partners to the SME market and ramping up its marketing support for resellers.

The printing giant has set out on a course to increase its channel base to make sure it can achieve the growth it is looking for in the SME space.

Aqua Porter, global channel strategy lead at Xerox, talks about a firm that is changing its own internal structure to make sure it can become more channel driven.

"There are new people [who have joined the senior management ranks at Xerox] that have come from the channel and can help optimse our operations to be a key player in the channel. Everyone believes this is where the growth is for Xerox," she said.

The shift to the channel is being driven from the top, with the CEO and other senior managers supporting the indirect model.

"Our chief commercial officer has said we have to become an end-to-end channel company," she said.

"By and large the SME market is covered by partners and that's where we have to be," she added "All the research we do and the feedback we get shows there is a healthy and strong SME market for us to penetrate and grow. We have made lots of investment and put resources into that space."

This year has seen the firm make its largest ever product launch with the ConnectKey series and roll out some marketing events for resellers to use to attract customers and Porter said that it is still going through the process of getting that kit out to partners.

"We are still in the launch phase. We started in the springtime and have gone through the summer and the fourth quarter is going to be big for us," she said.

"We have always to help our partners so they are in a position to selland the tech allows them," she added.

The plans for next year are to keep the momentum going and make sure that those partners that have not yet dipped their toes in the Xerox water will be tempted to do so.

"We are making investments in the UK and US markets and are recruiting new partners," she added "We are supporting our channel in both products and support."

"We are looking for new partners in all of our markets," she said.

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