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Brexit continues to take a toll on PC prices

It's been slightly more than a year and we still don't know much about the details of Brexit but what is already clear is that PCs cost a lot more as a result

Brexit has caused a spike in the price of various goods, ranging from computers to coffee and wine, with the channel having to pass on the bad news to customers.

The front cover of the latest Which? magazine from the consumer watchdog asks the questions about the impact of Brexit and details the range of price increases that have hit customers.

The spotlight in the analysis of the computer market falls on Apple MacBooks, which in some cases have increased by just shy of 20%, along with Microsoft Surface models that have gone up between 11-15%.

But those are not the only two vendors that have been forced to increase retail prices. Ever since the referendum result slightly more than a year ago there have been movements in the prices of goods because of the slump in sterling.

Which? has discovered that a range of cars from various manafacturers have also gone up by as much as 17.8% for a Ford Fiesta and coffee drinkers will have already felt the pinch with one leading brand having gone up by 12%.

The view from Which? tech expert Jack Turner was that some vendors had been quicker than others to pass the price rises on but exchange rates had caused a huge impact across the sector.

Nearly all of the major hardware vendors have been forced to bow to currency pressure and put up prices. So far since the Brexit vote the likes of HP, Dell, Lenovo along with Apple and Microsoft have raised hardware prices between 10-15% and software prices by 20%.

Context, which monitors the ASPs being offered through distribution, has seen rises over the course of the last year, which have continued into Q3.

Distributor ASPs for PCs were up 17% year-on-year across Western Europe, from €486 in July and August 2016 to €567 in early Q3 this year.

Currency fluctuations have been driving PC ASP increases since Q3 2016 but Context has also noted a move towards more high end gaming systems in the consumer segment, which has had an influence on prices.

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