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SonicWall still enjoying widespread channel interest

The security vendor has found that ever since going independent the channel has been very keen to work with the firm and it is still open to working with more partners

Since it went independent one of the main features of life at SonicWall has been to deal with an explosion in the number of channel partners that have signed up to work with the vendor.

The security specialist has signed up thousands of partners globally since the firm spun out of Dell and started life on its own two feet last November and that recruitment efforts is continuing.

Earlier this month the firm, which is privately owned by Francisco Partners and Elliot Management, revealed that it has exceeded the targets it had set on both the financial and sales front as well as its partner engagement ambitions for the third successive quarter.

"We have stood as our own stand-alone company for less than a year, and we've already reached record financials that are significantly ahead of plan and accelerating," said Bill Conner, SonicWall President and CEO.

The firm is still open to working with more partners as it looks for a 100% indirect model and is holding an event in Newbury early next month to talk to existing and potential prospects about its roadmap and channel programmes.

Michael Berg, executive director EMEA sales at SonicWall, said that its target market was the SME space and the best way to reach those customers was via partners.

"I believe there are still not enough partners so there is still room to grow in specific areas in the UK. our goal is to address the 20m SMEs customers across EMEA," he said.

He added that with tools like the SonicWall University is was in a position to reach out to those without a security background and help get them trained up.

SonicWall has also added to its own team to make sure it has the people on board that can ensure it can fulfil the growth ambitions.

"We have a lot of trust in the channel and we have been delivering good margins for our partners and lots of good opportunities with deal registration and growth accelerator programmes," added Berg.

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