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Avast rolls out combined AVG channel programme and products

A year after Avast acquired AVG the security player has combined the technology and channel programmes

Avast has rolled out some major changes to its product portfolio an channel programmes as it merges the AVG business into its operations.

Having acquired AVG a year ago the firm has been working towards combining the channel and integrating products and processes to get into a situation where it can launch as a single entity.

The Avast Business brand will lean on the AVG legacy in behavioral security technology and the cyber capture from the Avast side that looks at suspicious files, email or web content and ensures it will not hit the user.

The vendor will offer three levels of end point protection for users which delivers anti-virus, data protection and identity protection as well as public wifi inspection tools, a data shredder, VPN and password management.

As well as the brand changes and product roll out there is a fresh channel programme, certifications and payment platform.

"We set out on this to provide SMBs with the right kind of solution for them," said Kevin Chapman, senior vice president and general manager SMB at Avast "We have set out to provide the simplicity and the advanced threat protection that an SMB needs. We have taken the technologies of both [Avast and AVG]."

On the channel side the aim was to bring the two firm's reseller rosters together and use certifications to encourage more to get to a higher level within the programme.

"There is some crossover but we have brought all of our channel player together. We have a new channel programme that brings together the best of both the programmes of Avast and AVG and a certification programme that allows a partner to get trained, from a sales and technical perspective, and also a different track for the managed service side," added Chapman.

Chapman said that there would be a transition period giving the channel the time to get to grips with the combined programme and certifications.

"We will be in transition for a number of months because we don't want to push people quicker than they want to go but the new products are available and we want to encourage the channel to take advantage of a great new line up of products," he said.

"We wanted to make sure that we got this right and it is of value," added Chapman, who pointed out that the early adopters who had been working with the vendor had given positive feedback about the products and the changes.

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