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B2B data growth a channel opportunity

Data being shared privately between businesses is growing faster than the information on the public web and giving the channel a chance to help customers

The growth in the private data being exchanged between businesses is not only outpacing the public web but is providing a major opportunity for the channel.

The size of the amount of information passing privately between enterprises has been charted by Equinix, which claimed that it was growing at nearly twice the rate of the public internet and will total nearly six times the volume of global IP traffic by 2020.

The figures already indicate that firms are becoming increasingly dependent on data center providers and those in the channel able to provide services in that area.

Equinix has kicked off an annual index that will track the growth of private data exchanges, with an expectation that thanks to IoT it will only continue to speed up.

“UK business and industrial sectors are being disrupted in ways we could not have previously imagined. As the public internet has continued to expand, it has impacted how organisations do business and created opportunities for some of the greatest innovations of this era," said Russell Poole, managing director Equinix UK.

"This innovation, also described as the Internet of Things has resulted in an unexpected explosion of data which businesses are struggling to analyse and process by relying on the public internet," he added.

Poole also advised those firms that wanted to succeed in the future to take an 'interconnection-first' approach to the business.

The data growth that Equinix has charted has already been felt by some of those delivering services to customers. 

“Enterprise connectivity is undergoing a major transformation as applications and data move to the cloud, and hybrid environments in which on-premise and cloud presences co-exist, are becoming the norm," said Rajiv Datta, CTO of Colt Technology Services.

"Such environments drive the need for significant high bandwidth interconnection not just between enterprise locations, but also to the cloud service providers and hybrid colocation presences that are geographically dispersed but are vital in driving application performance and ultimately, user experience," he added.

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