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Samsung pulls channel PBX support back to Korea

In a move designed to make life easier for the channel Samsung has centralised the support it gives around its PBX products

In a move designed to give better support for the UK channel Samsung has taken steps to take its IP PBX product assistance back to Korea.

Despite sounding counter intuitive the decision to provide support directly from the Korean HQ should make life for the firms UK distributors easier.

“There were too many steps in the old support model, which slowed down the high-quality support we were able to offer our channel," said Warren Hampton, general manager of networks for Samsung UK.

"We’ve looked into ways of streamlining our service and come up with a new initiative that delivers support direct from our HQ team in Korea. We strongly believe this will give our UK distributors the control and autonomy needed to offer the best product support to our channel," he added.

The view from distributor Nimans was that this created an opportunity to put more muscle behind the vendor to make sure it could deliver the help that resellers would be looking for.

Nimans has taken steps to mimic the existing Samsung go to market model by setting up a dedicated business unit and dedicating personnel to working on the PBX products.

"In order to support the Samsung business Nimans has set up a dedicated Samsung Business Unit covering purchasing, technical support, sales and marketing," said Nimans channel sales director Richard Carter.

Recent market analysis from WinterGreen Research found that the SIP based IP PBX market was heading towards a value of $6.5bn worldwide by 2023.

The market watchers concluded that the shift to the cloud was giving vendors a chance to cultivate wider ecosystems that would be able to offer PBX products as part of a wider digital transformation pitch.

Susan Eustis, lead author of the team that prepared the recent WinterGreen study, said that the technology was being more widely taken up: “Growing acceptance of SIP enabled PBX and IP PBX markets come form companies dedicated to supporting modern digital communications."

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