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Information Builders channel focusing on data protection and management

Information Builders has been holding a data analytics Summit with a chance for some partners to highlight current opportunities

Information Builders has been holding an event in London at a time when data, with both protection and management issues, is at the top of the agenda for most customers.

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack underlined just how valuable data is to both organisations and criminals and for the need for greater protection.

But that is just one aspect of the current focus on data and the channel is also being asked to help firms gain insights from the information they are generating and storing.

"Companies are on a journey with their data still. They have come a lot further than before and everyone agrees data has value," said Arden Manning, senior vice president global marketing at Yseop.

He added that there had been almost too much focus on data for data's sake and resellers had to take customers back to focusing on business outcomes.

"Maybe you need to take a step back and ask why they are analysing data," he added "No one is arguing anymore that they don't need to do more with their data."

One of the other partners at the event echoed the rising importance of data and the way the need to keep on top of it was changing customer attitudes.

"We are starting to bring big data and data anayltics to Europe," said Ritu Raj, senior statistical analyst, big data insights business unit, DMI.

DMI has been in the UK for more than a year, coming from the US, and has identified the market as one providing plenty of opportunities as big data and IoT start to be embraced and generate more data.

Along with gaining more insights from data and using BI tools to make that job easier one of the other issues that looms large for anyone operating in this field at the moment is GDPR.

Santiago Castro, head of strategy and portfolio at Keyrus Group, was hosting a session on the European data protection regulations and highlighted it as a big channel opportunity.

Not only did GDPR have the element of being a 'must do' but there Castro argued it would benefit customers to go through the process of becoming compliant.

"Some people see it as a problem, a cost and a pain. But it is an opportunity because it allows customers to trust the data that an organisation holds about them," he said.

But with the deadline for the introduction of GDPR just a year away he added that many customers were yet to make a move to get ready.

"Some people are not yet aware and the clock is ticking. We do think organisations that take the time to do it [still have the time]. Many are already compliant," he said.

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