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Dell EMC and Intel launch cloud service provider ecosystem

Dell EMC and Intel have teamed up to develop an ecosystem hub to make life easier for cloud providers and customers

Dell EMC and Intel have teamed up to launch a cloud ecosystem hub to provide more support for service providers and users to help partners put themselves in the shop window and users find the right supplier.

As well as providing a platform for customers to choose the right service partner those service providers that use the hub can get access to training, marketing support and leads.

The ecosystem has been developed by the vendor because all the signs point to significant growth coming from the cloud service provider community in the next few years.

“Historically, vendors have failed to support Service Providers in their campaigns and the Dell EMC Cloud Ecosystem represents a game-changing development for both Service Providers and customers alike,” said Eric Velfre, senior vice president, compute and networking sales Dell EMC EMEA.

“By simplifying access to the Dell EMC Cloud value proposition and offering content and support for co-marketing projects, we can generate awareness and enable new capabilities to achieve greater profitability for our partners. Through the Dell EMC Cloud Community we can also drive demand from the customer towards Service Providers and capture feedback to help develop future Dell EMC Cloud technologies," he added.

The ecosystem will give partners the chance to work with each other and find complementary skills that can be combined to build a more complete solution.

“We are looking for business partners with the ability to deliver significant business impact and offer comprehensive support to the customer," said Cedric Mermilliod, co-founder and managing director of online document specialist Oodrive.

From a customer point of view the hub is being positioned as a resource to help those looking at going through a digital transformation process. They will be given a chance to select partners that meet their specific needs.

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