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Demand for security consultancy on the rise

Gartner has been looking into what the rest of this year holds for the security market and concluded that consultancy and outsourcing are in demand

The old adage was that spending in security and storage was pretty much a given as the threats increased and data levels continued to rise.

Certainly in the case of security the threats have never been higher and the costs of getting it wrong so clear with public naming and shaming and threats of breaking compliance regulations.

Given that background you might expect security resellers are finding life fairly busy at the moment and according to Gartner that state of affairs will continue into the near future.

the analyst house is predicting that worldwide spending on security products and services will increase by 7.9% over last year to hit $81.6bn in 2016.

The other good news for the channel is that consulting and outsourcing are the largest categories of spending in information security.

Over the next four years, up to 2020, the expectation is that security testing, IT outsourcing and data loss prevention will be the top areas that customers invest in.

The channel needs to be pitching a complete solution including preventive and responsive security because customers are keen to try and stop the worse from happening. Gartner is expecting products like secure web gateways to continue doing well as customers try to halt attacks from hitting the network.

"Organisations are increasingly focusing on detection and response, because taking a preventive approach has not been successful in blocking malicious attacks," said Elizabeth Kim, senior research analyst at Gartner.

"We strongly advise businesses to balance their spending to include both [preventive and responsive measures]," she added.

Gartner security predictions

The average selling price of firewalls is expected to increase by 2-3% as customers buy higher end products

By 2018 at least 90% of customers will have at least one form of integrated DLP, which will be an increase from the current levels of 50%

Half of mid and enterprise users will add more advanced inspection orientated features to the network firewalls by 2019

Gartner expects more managed detection and response (MDR) services will be launched targeting mid market customers, with both that customer segment and smaller firms looking to increasingly purchase security in that way going forward.

Kim added that spending on security will become more services driven, leaning on the expertise of channel partners, because skills shortages and resource issues continue to dog customers.

Concerns about security skills have been a theme this year with several organisations, including KPMG, coming out and warning that there are not enough people around to help combat the latest threats.

The indication from the Gartner forecasts are that the gap is there to be plugged by the channel and more customers are going to be prepred to purchase some sort of security as a service.

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