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Wick Hill and Zycko get EMEA boost with Nuvias Group

Rigby Private Equity continues to build on its distribution presence revealing a holding company that will sell across EMEA

Rigby Private Equity continues to take steps to achieve its ambition of providing a pan European distribution platform that leans on its previous investments in Wick Hill and Zycko.

The organisation has unveiled a holding company the Nuvias Group, which will combine the two distributors, and will have the head of the Rigby private equity firm Paul Eccleston as its CEO.

Eccleston said the ambition was to build on the European efforts that had already been made by Wick Hill and Zycko and expand into new territories either through organic growth or where it was approriate via acquisition.

He said that the name, which has some connection with Latin and the concept of 'new roots' had been chosen because it worked across EMEA, and it would be able to serve vendors that wanted distribution that could operate across Europe.

"What we will build with Nuvias is a pan-EMEA high value business that can take a common proposition abd it executive it across EMEA," he added that vendors had the choice currently of working with multiple 'local heroes' or choosing large players that might not provide the sort of focus and service levels it was promising.

The Nuvias business will be split into three regions - Northern, which includes the UK, Nordics and Benelux, which is headed by Lee Discroll; Central, which covers DACH and Central Europe, run by Helge Scherff; and Southern, which includes France, Iberia, Italy and the Mediterranean run by David Galton-Fenzi.

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Wick Hill, Galton-Fenzi, CEO of Zycko, Driscoll, Zycko’s chief sales officer and Scherff, managing director of Wick Hill Germany, all join the Nuvias board.

Kilpatrick said that the new organisation would provide it with a chance to widen its reach across Europe and build on its existing operations in the UK and Germany.

"This is what we signed up for in the first place for the ability to go across EMEA. The vendors were looking for something across multiple territories," he said.

Galton-Fenzi said that Zycko had managed to get a footprint in 12 European countries but what appealed about the Nuvias structure was the chance to offer a consistent experience across a much wider territory.

One of Wick Hill's vendor partners WatchGuard had been consulted about the changes and Jonathan Whitley, area sales director for Northern Europe, said that it would provide real benefits as it looked to sell across a wider area.

"If you want to increase sales you can either sign up more distributors that are different or work with your current partners to sell more," he said.

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