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KCOM looks for growth under a single brand

KCOM has pulled all of its operations into a single brand as it looks to maximise its chances of growth

KCOM has pulled its various business operations under a single brand as it looks to increase the cross group fertilisation opportunities.

The decision to unite under the KCOM brand means that from 4 April Smart421, Kcom, Eclipse and KC will be no more and customers will be presented with just the one logo.

The advantage of going with a single identity is not just a saving in marketing funds but it should also provide staff with more opportunities for career growth being part of a larger group.

KCOM chief executive Bill Halbert said that the other expectation of the brand change was that it would support growth ambitions and it was actively encouraging staff to break out of their siloes and sell more of the portfolio to existing customers.

"This is part of a transformation that started a long time back. The rationale of doing it is that we have almost 2,000 people in the business and a skill set that is concentrated around the IP world. When you look at the markets we address, from residential customers in Hull and East Yorkshire to government organisations and the mid market we can develop an IP based solution," he said.

"We are increasingly looking at similar skill sets across the whole business and at the moment customers can enjoy the skills in existing brands but this will give them access to the whole skill sets," he added.

The development should not just be good news for customers and Halbert said that as it highlighted skill pools across the business there would be more options for career development of its staff.

"We are integrating into a unified business and there is a huge benefit in terms of the way we deliver. From a corporate point of view it makes us much more cost effective and for the staff there is personal growth and career development," he said.

Most of the workforce are mobile but up to now it has not been particularly straight forward sharing advice and discussing customers across the different groups.

"When you start to get people from the different brands starting to compare notes a discussion can take place. We are identifying things we can do for existing customers [pitching them more services from across the group]," said Halbert.

One of the other consequences of the rebrand is that home to Hull City Football Club, the KC Stadium, will be renamed the KCOM Stadium.

As part of iots transformation process the firm sold its national network infrastructure to CityFibre for £90m in December and Halbert said it was in a strong position with no net debt: "this is the right time to do it".

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