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D-Link's UK boss stepping up channel support

The newly appointed UK boss at D-Link has outlined plans to increase the levels of support it provides channel partners

D-Link is a company that has changed its portfolio fairly dramatically over the last decade as it moved beyond its router roots.

Now the firm is likely to be known by customers for its smart home products, CCTV and storage as much as its networking past.

It is at this moment that the firm has ushered in a new UK and Ireland country manager turning to Paul Routledge, who has worked for the firm over the last five years.

He comes into the business at a time when the opportunities for this year are around wireless on the commercial side and smart homes on the consumer front.

One of Routledge's main ambitions for this year is to ramp up the support it can offer the channel to make it easier for partners to get the most out of the rleationship with the vendor.

There will be a combination of sales and marketing as well as technical training that partners can take advantage of to try amd make sure that the vendor can fill any gaps they are struggling with.

"We are developing our service into the channel. The majority of our team works with the channel," he added "It is one the biggest things, helping resellers develop their business."

He added that it was looking to work with traditional resellers, particularly those with security skills, as well as a growing number of smart home specialists.

In recent years the firm has been very active in the surveillance camera area, designing products that are suitable for both home and business.

With the CCTV market in the UK moving from analogue to digital Routledge argued that there was a significant opportunity there for the channel.

"In the UK this is an upgrade market and for every camera there is an opportunity to sell a port and a switch," he said.

To help generate some activity for partners in that area the firm has been carrying out some lead generation activity to try and get more resellers involved with the technology.

"Resellers have become aware that they might have a very loyal customer base but if they are not talking to them about security and CCTV then someone else will be. If they don't get involved in that market then they are opening the door to their customers to go to someone else," he warned.

In terms of the structure of the business Routledge will report into Luigi Salmoiraghi, sales and marketing director Southern Europe and UKI at D-Link.

Routledge replaces Andrew Mulholland, who had been holding the UK leadership role for the last few years and is now heading off to pastures new from the end of next week.

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